Golfer’s Etiquette

The game of golf has a very intricate and specific set of rules and regulations. In golf, there is also a set of practices and guidelines designed to make golf safe and enjoyable. This set of practices and guidelines is called etiquette. When proper etiquette is observed, golf is a very safe and … [Read more...]

Golf Course Availability Is Never Lacking in Myrtle Beach

 The game of golf is one that can be played at any of the thousands of golf courses around the world and more than 100 courses in the Myrtle Beach area. These games, when played by golf enthusiasts, never get dull or boring, as each North Myrtle Beach golf course is distinctive and unique in its own … [Read more...]


The Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association annually awards the “Employee of the Year” to a golf course employee that has set themselves apart by simply being an outstanding employee. This year’s recipient is Bill Dewitt of Eagle Nest Golf Club in Little River. Fondly known as “Mr. Bill” to … [Read more...]

Eagle Nest a layout on the upswing

The course has a ballyhooed tough three-hole finish including an attractive par-3 18th, has very little out of bounds with homes on just a few holes, provides seclusion without adjacent fairways, and is balanced with a fair amount of holes that move left or right or are straight. Read more … [Read more...]

Eagle Nest Golf Club will become longest course in state

The PGA of America and United States Golf Association have for the past few years endorsed a program called Tee it Forward, encouraging golfers to play shorter distances in the hopes of speeding up play and providing more playability and enjoyment. Read More... … [Read more...]

Type of Golf Grass in Myrtle Beach

Just like many other sports, golf features a playing surface that is integral to the game. It can be argued that the playing surface in the game of golf, the golf course, is the most important playing surface in all of sport, as the golf course is integral to the scoring of the game. On North Myrtle … [Read more...]

Scoring from 100 Yards and In

It is relatively easy for any Myrtle Beach golfer to drive the ball to where he has a 100-yard approach shot into the green. It is much harder, however, to hit the 100-yard shot on the green, let alone close to the pin. The 100-yard-and-in approach shot is the weak point in many golfers’ games … [Read more...]

Elevating the Ball

One of the most fundamental necessities of golf is to elevate the golf ball. Although this may sound simple and easy, sometimes it can seem quite the opposite. What we like to call “wormburners” can quickly drive a round of golf into the ground, no pun intended, and in many cases it is difficult to … [Read more...]

Differences Between Hazard and Out of Bounds

In golf it would be nice if everything worked out perfectly in the way the player had in mind. However, that is most definitely not the case, as more often than not there is something wrong with the golfer’s play. Hazards and out of bounds can come into play. Penalty strokes can be assessed as a … [Read more...]

Inconsistencies in the Golf Swing

Of course, every time a golfer goes out to play a North Myrtle Beach golf course, they want to play well. This, however, is not the case, as more often than not swing inconsistencies cause a mishit of the golf ball. There are many types of swing inconsistencies that can cause many different types of … [Read more...]

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