The Masters

It was the second playoff hole at Augusta National and two phenomenal golfers were going at it in a sudden-death playoff. But this time it wasn’t Tiger, who had played fairly average golf all week, or Phil, who had been the one predicted to win all week but thwarted himself with a costly triple … [Read more...]

Weather and Ball Flight

Golf court

A golfer can know everything there is to know about their ball flight: how far each shot of theirs with every club travels, how to manipulate the ball in the air, the physics of the flight of the ball, and the physics of the striking of the ball on the clubface. But if they don’t know anything about … [Read more...]

Hitting Down on the Ball

Golfers who take lessons from anyone who may have some level of expertise in the area, whether it be the local club pro, your golf team’s coach or even your father, have in all likelihood heard the phrase “hit down on the ball.” While this action is desirable in golf, it often fails many golfers. … [Read more...]

The Golf Bag

One of the most important aspects of a good, fun and healthy game of golf is the golf bag. Most golf bags are the same when it comes to the basic characteristics of the bag; however, bags may differ when it comes to the following point. Many golfers don’t realize this, but there are different … [Read more...]

Rules Decisions

There are many situations in golf that most golfers wouldn’t even consider as a possibility; there are even those that the USGA Rules Committee didn’t even consider. For these situations, there are “rules decisions.” These are decisions made on unforeseen situations in golf based on interpretation … [Read more...]

Basic Forms of Golf

Although many people outside the game of golf may think otherwise, there are different ways to play the game of golf besides those often televised. These different forms of golf are used in both competitive and noncompetitive play. The most common form of golf is stroke play. Any number of … [Read more...]

The Golf Bag

Even though clubs have always been used in the age-old game of golf, there have not always been bags in which to carry them. The first golf bags were actually used in the late 1800s–almost 400 years after the game was first played. Along with the discovery that a dimpled golf ball flies farther … [Read more...]

Reading the Green

It can be nice for a golfer to strike the golf ball right down the middle of the fairway on your drive or for the ball to come off perfectly on a well struck iron shot. However, the game of golf is won and lost on the greens. As a result, the most important area to improve one’s game is on the … [Read more...]

The History of the Golf Club

People have enjoyed smacking small objects with sticks since the beginning of time; in fact, it was so much enjoyed that it was turned into a sport that we now know as golf in 15th Century Scotland. Naturally, as the sport became progressively more competitive people began to refine crude sticks … [Read more...]

Tournament Play

The most advertised and familiar form of the game of golf to the general populace is tournament golf. This is the form of golf that is played on tours such as the PGA Tour, European Tour and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour. This form of golf is not the normal form of golf played … [Read more...]

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