Varieties of golf competiton

Big Driver Heads

Varieties of Golf Games The most common kind of golf game that is played, among both professionals and amateurs, is stroke play. However, there are many other forms of the game that can be played on North Myrtle Beach golf courses and can be just as fun as stroke play. The most popular variety of … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Start Playing Golf


5 Reasons to Start Playing Golf Thousands of people all across the world enjoy the sport of golf, but if you are new to the idea or just starting out, perhaps you would like to know the benefits of taking up this fabulous sport. There is nothing like waking up early in the morning and heading to … [Read more...]

Golf Course Availability Is Never Lacking in Myrtle Beach

 The game of golf is one that can be played at any of the thousands of golf courses around the world and more than 100 courses in the Myrtle Beach area. These games, when played by golf enthusiasts, never get dull or boring, as each North Myrtle Beach golf course is distinctive and unique in its own … [Read more...]

Type of Golf Grass in Myrtle Beach

Just like many other sports, golf features a playing surface that is integral to the game. It can be argued that the playing surface in the game of golf, the golf course, is the most important playing surface in all of sport, as the golf course is integral to the scoring of the game. On North Myrtle … [Read more...]

Scoring from 100 Yards and In

It is relatively easy for any Myrtle Beach golfer to drive the ball to where he has a 100-yard approach shot into the green. It is much harder, however, to hit the 100-yard shot on the green, let alone close to the pin. The 100-yard-and-in approach shot is the weak point in many golfers’ games … [Read more...]

Golf Course Structure and the Influence of St. Andrews

Many golfers take for granted the structure employed by most golf course designers when they are designing a course and there is no exception for the more than 100 golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area. For almost everyone on a North Myrtle Beach golf course today, the idea of a “front nine” and a … [Read more...]

Legendary Golfers

Throughout the history of professional golf, there has been a large number of great golfers. However only a handful of golfers’ careers have emerged as true legends. To become a legend of golf, one must have had a lasting impact on the game, through major wins, incomparable records, or otherwise. … [Read more...]

ACK! The Shanks!


ACK! --  The Shanks Out of all potential swing errors for golfers on North Myrtle Beach golf courses, by far the most frustrating and unexpected of all is the shank. The shank often occurs when the golfer least expects it and has the potential to throw the confidence of the golfer off for the rest … [Read more...]

Heh, typical alien on a North Myrtle Beach golf course


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Elevating the Ball

One of the most fundamental necessities of golf is to elevate the golf ball. Although this may sound simple and easy, sometimes it can seem quite the opposite. What we like to call “wormburners” can quickly drive a round of golf into the ground, no pun intended, and in many cases it is difficult to … [Read more...]

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