Medieval Times Dinner And Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner And Tournament

2904 Fantasy Way

Myrtle Beach, SC


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Step back into a time of knights and princesses at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, a thrilling, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by the feasts and jousting tournaments of 11th century Spain.

Give a rousing cheer as your knight is introduced by the royal family and begins a fight of honor to win the princess’ favor. These young knights are truly athletic which is obvious by their mastery horsemanship, falconry, and jousting! While you enjoy the battle for the lady's hand, dig into a four course meal fit for a king. Costumed wenches bring out your meal’s courses and no utensils are needed! Sip soup from your pewter mug then use your hands to eat your chicken, ribs, home-style potatoes, grilled bread, and pastry.