Golfer Reviews and Testimonials

Get real reviews from real golfers that have experienced the gorgeous golf greens and memorable holes at EN Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, SC. Read these testimonials that have been sent in by golfers. If you have a story to tell share yours. Here’s what actual golfers have to say about our course and service.

    Susan Parks

    Had a wonderful time. The employees were great (starter too!) Greg was great!!

    Gary Williston

    Very fast greens. Nice layout. Beware of water. Hit them straight. Staff nice.

    Josh Covington

    Wish I could have played better. Great course. Excellent shape.

    Robert Griffin

    It's in the best shape I've ever seen it!

    Doug B

    Continue to work on the course. Looks great!

    Eileen Lindsay

    Wish it would stop raining. Friendly staff ... 5-Star!


    Great course. Keep up the good work.

    Becky Rensberger

    Great shape. We enjoy playing this course.


    Great place. Loved it. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Gary Young

    Remove all trees, bunkers, and water hazards! Jut kidding. Actually look forward to playing Eagle Nest every year when we're in town.