A Good Myrtle Beach Golf Swing Starts with a Good Grip


One of the most fundamental parts of the golf swing takes place before the club is even in motion. The proper golf grip, elusive to many and perfected by some, is the foundation of a good golf swing.

There are a couple different grip forms a golfer may use to grip the club, including the interlocking grip, the overlapping grip and the baseball grip. On any one Myrtle Beach golf course you are sure to see examples of all these grip types.

The interlocking grip is where right pinky lies in the gap between the left index finger and middle finger and the left index finger lies between the knuckles of the right ring and pinky fingers. For left- handed golfers, just reverse the hands.

The overlapping grip uses the same finger positioning as the interlocking grip with the exception of tucking of the left index finger under the right hand.

Finally, the baseball grip involves no interlocking or overlapping at all.

Whatever grip is used, the grip of the club must lay in the hands in the same fashion. The club’s grip should run across the fingers of the left hand from the base of the pinky to the top knuckle closest to the fingertip and across the right hand’s top knuckles. The hands should apply slight pressure to the club. Don’t choke the club to death; the hands should be fairly relaxed. Finally, the grip of the club should lie in the fingers, with the rest of the hand wrapping around to provide extra support.

A good grip is the foundation of a good golf swing. The grip is seemingly the most basic, yet somehow one of the most complex, fundamentals of the golf swing. Practice just gripping the club over and over again. You don’t even need a ball so practice at any Myrtle Beach golf course before you near the first tee or practice at the EN Golf Club driving range. Remember, practice makes permanent. Get your golf grip in good shape and then hit a Myrtle Beach golf course to test your grip during a real golf swing.