An Overview of EN Golf Club


In just seven short minutes you can go from the glorious beachfront of the Myrtle Beach area to the EN Golf Club, an 18-hole Myrtle Beach golf course that is open to the public. This Gene Hamm design is a tranquil Myrtle Beach golf course that is less than four miles from the white sandy beaches. EN is an attractive addition to any Myrtle Beach vacation because of its convenient location, picture-perfect setting and affordability.

All roads lead to EN Golf Club in the Myrtle Beach area. While Myrtle Beach vacations are synonymous with Myrtle Beach golf, not all golf courses are easily accessible. This one definitely is. EN Golf Club is at a crossroads of major thoroughfares in Myrtle Beach and is therefore quickly reached from all ends of the Grand Strand. EN Golf Club is on the west side of the Intracoastal Waterway where Highways 9, 17 and 90 come together. It is so closely located to the beautiful beaches of Myrtle Beach that you can practically feel the sea breezes as you put on your golf shoes and practice your golf swing.

A prominent welcome to EN Golf Club is the meandering driveway that winds through the woods and among beautiful Southern flora. The hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach melts away as the serenity of the EN property washes over you. Situated on 250 acres, this Myrtle Beach golf course is as much a wildlife sanctuary as it is a haven for golfers. During your jaunts down the fairways at EN Golf Club you might spy alligators, skinks, lizards, chipmunks, rabbits and an occasional fox. At Eagle Nest, golf balls are not the only things flying through the air. You might also see herons, egrets, hawks, woodpeckers and of course, eagles. Get back to nature with a tee time at the pristine EN Golf Club. One reason this Myrtle Beach golf course is teeming with wildlife is because of all the water on this property. There are ponds, lakes or wetlands on 14 holes of this 18-hole Myrtle Beach golf course making EN Golf Club a perfect habitat for South Carolina’s native birds and animals.

Golf EN Golf Club for only $40 in the summer of 2011. Tee times are from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. and this Myrtle Beach golf course is open seven days a week. It is affordable fun that offers a quiet respite from Myrtle Beach’s other amusements and attractions. Top off your EN Golf Club experience with a refreshing drink in the smoking lounge and something tasty from the snack shop.

Playing EN Golf Club is like treating your senses to a spa experience. Smell the sweet jasmine, feel the cool breezes, hear the symphony of birds, see sunlight reflect off the myriad of ponds and taste victory as you play to win.