Braving the Elements in Myrtle Beach


Most people don’t like the rain. It’s wet and often cold. It’s the cause of many of our cancelled sporting events and it makes our cars hydroplane. For the Myrtle Beach golfer however, it’s the cause of many other issues: wet grips and wet hands, the annoying patter of the raindrops on his neck as he takes his stance over the ball, sitting water that often swallows up golf balls and the wet, soft ground off of which he must hit his shots and on which his shots must land. Yes, the rain can be an obstacle to a good score at EN Golf Club, but only if you let it.

There are ways to get around a Myrtle Beach golf course in the rain and still come out with a low number if you’re willing to brave the elements and not cancel your tee time. Here are some tips for playing Myrtle Beach golf in the rain, if you find that Mother Nature has decided not to cooperate with your game.

· Always carry a towel in your bag. If you have a golf towel on your bag, that won’t do. You’ll find that your golf towel won’t be of much use because it is exposed to the rain as much as you are. If your hands or grips get wet, wipe them off. It’s not a bad idea to carry multiple towels so that you always have a dry one waiting in the wings. If your grips get too wet and you find it difficult to dry them, it is legal to wrap the towel around the grip and swing that way when you are on a wet Myrtle Beach golf course.

· It never hurts to use golf gloves designed for poor weather conditions. They often come in pairs and do work very well.

· If you are willing to buy with poor weather conditions in mind, cord grips work much better in rain and wet conditions than do other grips. The rough surface of the cord grip allows for much more friction and is a grip that is much less slip-prone.

· Carry an umbrella. It is illegal to hit a shot from underneath the cover of an umbrella, but as you walk to your ball on the Myrtle Beach golf course, from a cart or from your previous spot, it is perfectly okay to protect yourself from the elements. Remember, though, that an umbrella qualifies as "equipment" and should you set your umbrella down as you hit your shot, be sure the wind doesn’t blow it so that it hits your ball; this is a penalty on you.

· Finally, a rain jacket or windbreaker of some kind can do wonders for protection against the elements.

So if during your Myrtle Beach vacation there is a daytime shower, you don’t necessarily have to cancel your tee time. A little forethought and preparation go a long way in helping you enjoy your golf game at EN Golf Club or any Myrtle Beach golf course.