Find the Fairway with These 5 Tips in Myrtle Beach


Finding the fairway when you are under pressure on a Myrtle Beach golf course or at a tough EN hole sometimes requires careful thought. It is worth the time it takes to run down our quick list of tips before you swing. Rushing into an intimidating shot can easily result in your ball missing the fairway entirely and leaving you with even worse playing conditions to tackle.

Consider these five tips the next time you are looking for the fairway at EN Golf Club and hoping to get out with par or a birdie.

Imagine a Myrtle Beach golf course hole with which you are quite familiar and on which you never miss the fairway from the tee. Or imagine you are at the EN driving range and hitting ball after ball to your target green.

Look for a target in the distance, such as a bunker or one specific tree. Visualize the curve of the shot you’re aiming for and let your body react instinctively.

Make sure you are loose and tension-free so your swing is not restricted.

Avoid the tendency to swing too hard on tough drives which makes you pull out of your stance on the downswing.

Commit to the follow through and try to hold your balance.

Challenging holes and ominous hazards often intimidate amateur golfers as they prepare to tee off. Keep these five tips in mind and you ought to be able to relieve the pressure and conquer the tough drives, even those of the last three holes at EN Golf Club.