Here are some drills to help build your skills


The game of golf truly begins before you even get to the first tee of any North Myrtle Beach golf course. Practicing often is not just helpful, it’s practically a necessity for anyone who wants to lower their handicap or get really good at the game. A certain amount of time per week, or even per day, should be devoted to practice, whether it be at Eagle Nest Golf Club playing holes, at the driving range hitting balls or at home. Get a good swing going at the range and practice using it at the course. Here are some drills to help build your skills through practice:

-          To encourage an on-plane swing, a good drill is to do what is called the “hike” – before you swing, lift the club so that the shaft is parallel to the ground, then swing like normal. Repeat this and repeat this; it will help you learn what an on-plane swing feels like.

-          Stick a towel, headcover or other object under your arm, or one under both arms and hit balls, trying to keep the object(s) from falling out. This will help keep your arms close to your body, which will help you develop a consistent, on-plane swing.

-          Hit a penny off of a mat. Start with a chip shot and gradually ease into a full swing. Once you’ve gotten used to it, place a ball on top of the penny and try to hit the penny, but not the ball. This will help train you to make proper contact and to eliminate topped shots.

-          Practice swinging with your feet together. This drill is great to learn the sensation of a soft, fluid swing of the arms. Swing your arms down to the target line on the downswing and follow-through.

-          Line up three balls on the range and hit one ball after the other, rapid-fire and without stopping. This drill will help you feel the uniformity in your swing.

Whether it is more beneficial to practice at a North Myrtle Beach golf course by playing holes or by hitting ball after ball at the driving range is up for debate. It is, however, important that you spend a decent amount of time both places.