Hit More Myrtle Beach Golf Greens


One of the most integral parts of a golfer’s game is his iron play. He could be hitting his driver well and his putting might be clicking, but if he can’t get the ball on the green of a Myrtle Beach golf course then bogeys are often the disappointing result. Once a golfer starts to hit greens in regulation the game becomes an easy one. It becomes easy to fall into a routine of drive, green, two-putt on par 4s, and the result is often a streak of good scores, leading to a very acceptable overall score on a Myrtle Beach golf course.

Here are some tips on how to improve your iron game:

1) Set yourself over the ball.

Every iron should be played with the same ball position. Line up your ball with the logo of your shirt. In your stance, the middle of each foot should be directly below the correlating shoulder, providing for a good foundation for your weight shift. This position over the ball provides for solid contact with the ball while still making contact with the ball on the downswing.

2) Keep it wide.

In your backswing, you don’t want your arms to collapse. This means that as you swing back your arms lose their support and your hands get close to your head. This collapsing of the arms makes it difficult to trap the ball, or hit down on it, because you have to throw your arms away from you on the downswing to compensate, leading to contact with the ball on the upswing. A way to practice this is to practice your backswing with only your right arm. At the top of your backswing, put your left hand back on the club. This feeling is the feeling you want at the top of your backswing.

3) Hit down, follow through.

The downswing should move from the bottom up. It should be initiated by your legs and hips, and your torso and upper body should follow. Your weight should shift to the left with this action. This should put your hands in a good position to hit the ball as your body rotates through on your downswing. A kiss of death is starting the downswing with your arms; always initiate your downswing with your lower body.

A drill to help you hit down on the ball is to set up with your club a couple inches over the ball, then swing. This helps you hit down because if you don’t you’ll miss the ball entirely. Hitting down on the ball allows for greater distance, accuracy and control on the greens. Practice this at EN Golf Course and see if your game does not improve on every Myrtle Beach golf course.