Hitting Down on the Ball


Golfers who take lessons from anyone who may have some level of expertise in the area, whether it be the local club pro, your golf team’s coach or even your father, have in all likelihood heard the phrase “hit down on the ball.” While this action is desirable in golf, it often fails many golfers. For many, trying to hit down on the ball often leads to actually trying to make a smack at the ball--a feeling that we don’t want. We need to solidify the desirable thought and feeling of hitting through the ball, not at it. There is a psychological difference between hitting down on and hitting through the ball.

One of the most frequent yet undesirable mistakes in golf is to, through the swing, rotate the upper body while maintaining a relatively motionless lower body. Because many golfers on all the North Myrtle Beach golf courses often feel like they need to hit at the ball instead of through the ball to achieve their desirable result, this tends to be a more common case than it really should be. This disjunctive motion results in all kinds of bad shots that like to go in all directions unpredictably. There is, however, a relatively simple solution.
The desire to hit at the ball is one that is relatively easily combated. Find an object with some weight to it, such as a medicine ball or a decent-sized ball of any kind, and set a target reasonably far away, around 40 feet away. Your target could be anything from a bucket to a hula hoop to a towel; just about anything works. The drill is then as simple as throwing the ball underhanded toward the target and trying to hit the target. This drill helps you to combat the compulsive urge to hit at the ball and allows you to feel what it is like to swing through the ball so you can mimic the feeling on a North Myrtle Beach golf course, such as Eagle Nest Golf Club. A good indication that you have made a proper swing is that your hips and shoulders should line up. If they don't at first, keep trying!

Once you get it so that it is repeatable, try to transfer your new knowledge and feeling into your actual golf swing. Go to the driving range and hit a few balls, hit some into the net in your backyard or even go out and play a few holes on a North Myrtle Beach golf course. This will help you learn to swing through the ball properly and get you on your way to the next step for your golf swing.