Keeping Your Right Hand in Check at Myrtle Beach Golf Courses


For right-handed golfers, your right hand has much to do with your golf swing. While there is much to note about your grip, right arm, left arm, shoulders and feet, your right hand holds in it the power to make or break a good golf swing. The next time you are on the EN golf course, note the actions of your right hand.

A common mistake golfers make is to pull with their right hand during their golf swing. Golfers of all skill levels—from beginners to professionals—find themselves pulling their golf club with their right hand. It is oftentimes a naturally occurring flaw to conquer because your right hand is typically stronger. But this pull leads to breaking the hinge at your wrist. Golfers on all Myrtle Beach golf courses have this problem. But it can be fixed.

It takes plenty of practice to remedy this golf swing error because of the natural inclination on the Myrtle Beach golf courses to hit a golf ball hard. You think we have to hit the golf ball with a tremendous amount of power to get it soaring down the fairway at EN Golf Club. And we find that power in our dominant hand, which is usually the right hand. To fix this flaw focus on maintaining a constant tension level through the whole swing and keep your right hand passive.

Practice with a dowel rod instead of a golf club so you won’t tire so quickly. Make practice swings so that you hear a "swoosh" sound beneath your left ear, at the bottom of the arc. Keep your hands and the golf club moving at the same speed otherwise one will get in front of the other. This practice will help to correct the unhinging that too often happens with your right hand before you hit the golf ball because. This exercise works because it maintains your wrist position through the ball impact and puts the bottom of the swing arc in front of the ball.

As with most exercises, repetition is key. So grab your golf clubs and after spending time practicing with a dowel rod, venture to a Myrtle Beach golf course and put your practice swings to the test.