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The Myrtle Beach Golf Shot


When someone thinks about the game of golf, one of the first images that comes to mind is a golfer hitting a shot. But what often doesn’t come to mind is the kind of shot the golfer .... Read More

Common Rules of Myrtle Beach Golf


As a golfer on a Myrtle Beach golf course it is very important, if not absolutely necessary, to know the basic rules of golf. You may find yourself in a multitude of situations which require a .... Read More

Balance During Your Myrtle Beach Golf Swing


Balance is an essential part of good performance in any sport. Whether it’s an offensive lineman blocking for his quarterback or a figure skater trying to pull off a stunning maneuver, balance .... Read More

Scoring from 100 Yards and In Myrtle Beach Golf


It is relatively easy for any Myrtle Beach golfer to drive the ball to where he has a 100-yard approach shot into the green. It is much harder, however, to hit the 100-yard shot on the green, let .... Read More

The Golf Playing Surface in Myrtle Beach


In golf there are many different kinds of grass, lies and surfaces from which one can play. A golfer’s ability to play from these different grasses, lies and surfaces is key to a player’s .... Read More

Braving the Elements in Myrtle Beach


Most people don’t like the rain. It’s wet and often cold. It’s the cause of many of our cancelled sporting events and it makes our cars hydroplane. For the Myrtle Beach golfer .... Read More

Hit More Myrtle Beach Golf Greens


One of the most integral parts of a golfer’s game is his iron play. He could be hitting his driver well and his putting might be clicking, but if he can’t get the ball on the green of a .... Read More

The Effects of Wind on Myrtle Beach Golf Courses


Oftentimes weather conditions affect the normal play of golf. Some weather conditions can affect many aspects of one's golf game, whether it be the position from which they play or the club they .... Read More

Chipping at EN Golf Course


Think about it. How many shots could you save per round if all of your chip shots resulted in up-and-downs? The effects of a good chipping game are substantial; the lack of a good chipping game can .... Read More

Spinning the Golf Ball in Myrtle Beach


One of the most important aspects of elite golf play is spinning the ball on approach and chip shots at Myrtle Beach golf courses. Controlling the spin of the ball allows the golfer to place the ball .... Read More

The Myrtle Beach Golf High Spinner


If you watch professional golf on television, you’ve seen this shot at least a thousand times. It’s the high-spinning lob shot and it’s one of the most effective as well as one of .... Read More

The Water Hazard at Myrtle Beach golf courses


The game of golf is one that is played for enjoyment. However, one of the most frustrating parts of this game is when the player is forced to take a penalty stroke after hitting the ball into a water .... Read More

The Golf Bag


Even though clubs have always been used in the age-old game of golf, there have not always been bags in which to carry them. The first golf bags were actually used in the late 1800s–almost 400 .... Read More

Here are some drills to help build your skills


The game of golf truly begins before you even get to the first tee of any North Myrtle Beach golf course. Practicing often is not just helpful, it’s practically a necessity for anyone who wants .... Read More

The Golf Clubs in the Bag


Golf clubs may quite possibly be the most important part of the game of golf. The choice of a player's club set may dictate whether the player succeeds or fails within the world of golf. However, the .... Read More

Recent Rules Changes


For practically its entire life, the game of golf has been infamous for its non-player-friendly rules. It seemed like the level tolerance was unreasonably low, like you could almost be punished for .... Read More

Hitting Through the Ball


There are many different issues standing in the way of a golfer and his perfect swing. So many different factors--a subtle turn of the hands, a wayward knee and slightly too much flex to name a .... Read More

Picking the Right Tees


Sometimes one of the biggest challenges facing a golfer is the selection of the proper tee markers from which he will play. Most North Myrtle Beach golf courses have at least three sets of tee .... Read More

The Major Golf Championships


The major golf championships for men are, in order, the Masters, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship and the PGA Championship. The Masters is the first men’s major of the year and is played .... Read More

The History of Golf


The game of golf has a long, rich history; it is, in truth, one of the oldest games around in the present day. As early as the year 1297, a golf-like game was played by the Dutch with a stick and a .... Read More