Play with Honesty on North Myrtle Beach Golf Courses


One of the most important and characteristic aspects of the game of golf is the integrity displayed while playing it, on a North Myrtle Beach golf course or anywhere in the country. However, many times players will decide that breaking the rules is the key to lowering scores. While this may essentially be true, it goes against everything the game was founded on and shatters the integrity of the sport. There are several ways golfers try to cheat, including but not limited to shaving strokes and improperly moving the ball. Cheating is found everywhere in golf, among amateurs and professionals.

 The most common way amateurs like to cheat is to shave strokes. Golfers do this by carding a lower score than they actually had on the hole when they finish the hole. For example, a player takes five strokes to get in the hole on a par four. However, he cards a four and tells his fellow players he had a par. Often golfers do not pay enough attention to the other golfers in their group, so this slides by. However, golfers who do pay attention can call them on their cheating and force them to take the score they actually had. If a fellow golfer realizes that a golfer shaved strokes at the end of a competition after they have signed their scorecard, then the cheater can be called on it and disqualified for taking a lower score than he actually had.

 Another, sneakier way golfers may attempt to cheat is by illegally moving the ball. Often, a golfer will approach his ball, only to see that the ball is sitting in a divot or well down in the grass. This makes for a more difficult shot on a North Myrtle Beach golf course. However, it is illegal to move it when the normal golf rules are in play. Many golfers will attempt to cheat by improving their lie when his playing partners are not looking. During a wet day or winter season, however, “winter rules” may be in play, meaning that a player may improve their lie in their own fairway, and sometimes the rough.

 These are the two most common ways golfers may cheat on the course. It is important to be aware of your partners’ practices on the golf course, as cheating is completely dishonest and an insult to those who have played the game the way it is supposed to be played: honestly.