The Golf Playing Surface in Myrtle Beach


In golf there are many different kinds of grass, lies and surfaces from which one can play. A golfer’s ability to play from these different grasses, lies and surfaces is key to a player’s success, no matter what the golfer’s familiarity with the Myrtle Beach golf course is.

When a player tees off, it is from the tee box. Tee boxes are often the most well-manicured and uniform places on the golf course. This is to give the golfer a good teeing ground where no grass will affect the tee shot. However, a tee box may also be littered with divots if the Myrtle Beach golf course has seen a lot of play. Many courses have boxes of sand on the tee box, which are used to fill the divots. This keeps the course in top condition for future play. Because a player can place the ball where he would like on the tee box and because tee boxes are often well-manicured, bad lies are nearly impossible.

If the golfer hits a straight drive, the ball will find itself in the fairway. The fairway has shorter grass, which may also be very well manicured, down the middle of the hole. This short grass reduces the amount of poor lies in order to assure a reward for a golfer with a good drive. Like the tee box at a Myrtle Beach golf course, the fairway may also be littered with divots, as many golfers hitting their approach shots play from the fairway. Because of this, most Myrtle Beach golf courses ask that golfers replace their divots. This is done either by physically placing the grass clump back in the divot or by using a provided sand bottle to fill the divot with sand. Players will not find themselves in bad lies in the fairway very often, but an unlucky ball trickling down the fairway may find itself rolling into a divot.

A wayward shot will often find itself in the rough instead of the fairway. The rough is the longer grass on the sides of the hole. The shorter rough that is closer to the fairway is known as the first cut of rough. The longer rough farther from the fairway is called the second cut of rough. The longer grass is meant to punish those who hit poor shots; because the grass is longer, bad lies are much more common and the ball is much harder to hit well as the longer grass affects the moving club during the shot. A player playing from the rough at EN Golf Club has more hazards to contend with than one playing from the fairway. These hazards include trees, sand bunkers and water hazards. Golfers who hit wayward shots into the rough will often find themselves with terrible lies, but they may also find their ball sitting up nicely and ready for play.

A key to good golf at EN Golf Club and any Myrtle Beach golf course is mastering play from the tee, the fairway and the rough. Once a player masters play from all three, good scores are inevitable.