Spinning the Golf Ball in Myrtle Beach


One of the most important aspects of elite golf play is spinning the ball on approach and chip shots at Myrtle Beach golf courses. Controlling the spin of the ball allows the golfer to place the ball closer to the hole or pin when approaching the hole at EN Golf Course. A golfer can put different kinds of spin on the ball, the most popular and useful of which is back spin. However, it is possible to put side spin and even top spin on the golf ball.

When a golf ball has back spin, it is rotating toward you while in the air. Most golfers desire back spin on approach and chip shots. A proper amount of back spin causes the ball to suddenly slow and stop on the green of Myrtle Beach golf courses. You may hear golfers wanting the ball to stop on the green as a result of back spin yell for the ball to "check" or "bite."

First to put back spin on the ball, the golfer must hit a high-lofted club, such as a sand wedge. He must play the ball farther towards his back foot. Then he must swing with a steep swing plane, hitting down on the golf ball, making sure the club head does not pass his hands. Most shots of this type with back spin have a small, fading ball flight. However, this may not need to be taken into account if the shot is not very far from the Myrtle Beach golf course green. Mastering the back spin of the golf ball can be very rewarding for an elite golfer. Putting back spin on the ball can also be rewarding for the amateur player; however, the amateur should make sure his short game is near perfect before attempting to master putting back spin on the ball.

The surface from which the golfer is playing may largely affect the spin of the golf ball. If the grass is not manicured enough, such as in the rough, the golfer may not be able to spin the ball effectively on shorter shots. Areas with no grass, such as a bunker or bare dirt, make it much easier to spin the ball, as there is no grass to come between the clubface and the ball. A well-hit shot from the bunker or hardpan can stop on the green within a few short bounces.

Back spin is not the only kind of spin that can be produced from a golf shot. Side spin can be produced, most commonly when hitting a shot out of the bunker. Side spin can cause the ball to check just as back spin can. Top spin can also be produced, but it is not desirable, as it can really only be produced through a poor shot and does not affect the activity of the golf ball.

Mastering spin can be very rewarding to experienced players, but it may ruin a golfer’s game when too much time is focused on it rather than on his lacking short game. Make sure the short game is polished before focusing on spinning the ball. Then hit EN Golf Club or another Myrtle Beach golf course and practice!