The Golf Bag Is One of the most important aspects


One of the most important aspects of a good, fun and healthy game of golf is the golf bag. Most golf bags are the same when it comes to the basic characteristics of the bag; however, bags may differ when it comes to the following point. Many golfers don’t realize this, but there are different varieties of golf bags available that each corresponds to how the golfer plans to utilize the bag, whether someone (the golfer themselves or a caddie) is carrying it or whether the golfer is putting it on their golf cart.

Although many bags differ in their utilization, all bags are the same in their basic characteristics. All bags that the manufacturer desires to be used in competition must encourage the 14-club limit imposed by the USGA rules, not necessarily by any particular rule but to encourage the sale of their golf bag. In addition, every good golf bag possesses a variety of pockets. These pockets normally are meant to contain golf balls and golf tees; as a result, many manufacturers fit their pockets so as to increase the area the equipment and accessories can occupy, as well as to increase the protection of said equipment and accessories. There are also normally pockets for water bottles and other beverages. Also, many golfers attach a towel to the golf bag so as to clean off dirty club faces and golf balls. However, where these pockets and towels are located depends on your main employment of the bag.

If the golfer means to walk many rounds of golf on a North Myrtle Beach golf course, and therefore needs a bag they can carry, a stand bag would work the best. This type of golf bag has a strap (often a backpack strap) for carrying, and generally has its pockets fairly evenly proportioned around the surface of the bag, outside of the area where the stand works. The stand works when the bag is sat down vertically. This usually triggers a mechanism rigged at the bottom of the bag that pushes the bottom of the bag up, therefore pushing out the stand legs. This allows the golfer to prop the bag up and leave the bag without laying it flat on the ground. These bags are often more lightweight than others, as they are used the most often by walkers.

If a golfer means to use a cart in most rounds of golf, such as at Eagle Nest Golf Club, the cart bag would probably be the best choice. Although stand bags can also be used on carts, the pockets on the cart bag are positioned much more conveniently than those on the stand bag. There is no stand on the cart bag. There is usually a strap on the bag so as to carry it to and from the cart. However, these bags are normally much heavier than stand bags, and therefore are not very comfortable or healthy when walking.

The choice of a good golf bag may be an overshadowed one, but this does not change its importance.