The Golf Clubs in the Bag


Golf clubs may quite possibly be the most important part of the game of golf. The choice of a player's club set may dictate whether the player succeeds or fails within the world of golf. However, the one part of the club set that remains mostly the same is the variety of clubs a player on any North Myrtle Beach golf course has in his golf bag.

The first kind of club most players have in their bag is the wood. Contrary to the name, modern day woods are not wood; they are metal. The kind of wood most often used is the 1-wood, or driver. The driver is mostly used off the tee and hits the ball a longer distance than any other club.

However, some more advanced players may elect to hit a different club off the tee in order to increase accuracy at the cost of distance. A more advanced golfer may also elect to hit the driver from the fairway, or less commonly, the rough. This is called hitting the driver "off the deck." A golfer may hit the driver off the deck in order to punch out or increase distance. However, the driver is very difficult to hit solid without a tee.

The second kind of wood is the fairway wood. These woods while unable to hit the ball as far, are much easier to hit from the fairway and rough of a North Myrtle Beach golf course. They are also viable from the tee for accuracy; however, the sacrificed distance may not be desirable.

The second kind of club players commonly have in their bag at Eagle Nest Golf Club is the iron. The iron is often used for approach shots when the player is hitting the ball onto the green. There are many different lofts of iron. The lowest number iron, often the 3- or 4-iron, hits the ball the lowest and the farthest. The highest number iron, the 9-iron, hits the ball the highest and shortest.

There are different varieties of iron design. Cavity back irons are most often used for increased forgiveness for less advanced players, while blade irons are most often used by the advanced player who likes to shape their shot. The hybrid iron is a sort of combination of the wood and the iron. Hybrids are used by players who do not like hitting long irons.

Short game clubs are essential for success in golf. The wedge is used in short approach scenarios for pinpoint accuracy and the ability to stop the ball on the green close to the hole. The different lofts of wedges vary the distance and height of the golf ball's flight. The pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge are the most common forms.

Perhaps the most used club in the bag, the putter is used when the ball is on the green of a North Myrtle Beach golf course and the player is trying to get the ball in the hole. The putter has minimum loft in order to minimize the hopping of the ball on the green.

This golf knowledge is essential to a golfer's success. However, only 14 clubs are allowed by the United States Golf Association per bag, so choose wisely before hitting Eagle Nest Golf Club or any North Myrtle Beach golf course.