The Importance of the Golf Ball in Myrtle Beach


Many times when a player cannot get his golf ball to perform the way he would like, it is due to the player’s faults in his swing or contact. But sometimes the root of the problem is in the golf ball itself. The golf ball can single-handedly provide greater performance around the green, off the tee, in the rough, on the fringe, in the fairway or wherever the golfer may be on a Myrtle Beach golf course. Which one of these attributes the golf ball provides, however, is dependent on the variety of the golf ball.

The ideal golf ball would be perfect in every respect that the golf ball can be. This includes ideal performance off the tee of a Myrtle Beach golf course as well as ideal performance around the green. Off the tee the ideal golf ball would be the longest ball on the market, as well as provide a perfect ball flight and low spin rate. Around the greens of Myrtle Beach golf courses the ideal golf ball would provide maximum feel, control and spin coming off the wedge and onto the putting surface.

However, because all golfers have differing preferences regarding their golf ball and because any one golf ball can only provide a certain balance of attributes decided on by the manufacturer, the ideal golf ball is but a dream for golfers on all Myrtle Beach golf courses, including EN Golf Club.

Instead golfers must decide upon a ball that compliments their golf game well. For example, if a golfer wants greater distance on a Myrtle Beach golf course and doesn’t care about greenside feel and control, they should go for a harder, distance-themed ball. Typically the golfer that uses this kind of ball is a higher-handicapped golfer.

A golfer may also choose a softer, more control-themed ball with greater performance around the greens of EN Golf Club. These balls typically provide lower-handicapped golfers with the greenside control and feel they desire.

For the elite golfers, there are golf balls that provide all-around performance: increased performance off the tee and around the greens of any Myrtle Beach golf course. However, these balls require the greatest financial investment.

Normally the price of the golf ball reflects the level of performance the golf ball provides. The most expensive golf balls can push $50 per dozen; however, these golf balls are the golf balls that provide the most all-around performance. These golf balls provide increased greenside performance as well as off-the-tee performance. These golf balls are often used by professionals and other elite golfers.

The middle level of golf balls provide increased greenside performance and feel. They may also attempt to increase off-the-tee performance a bit. These golf balls are normally around $30 per dozen and are often used by mid to low handicappers.

The cheapest golf balls are those that provide increased distance off the tee, but limit greenside performance. These golf balls are usually harder than their more expensive brethren, which accounts for the increased distance off the tee. These balls typically cost around $20 per dozen and are normally used by high-handicappers.

Many times, a golf ball manufacturer will try to fool their public into thinking something about their golf ball through the name they give it. Just because the ball has "soft" in its name does not mean it is softer than their competition. Looking at golf ball reviews online is a good idea when searching for the right golf ball. If all of this is remembered when searching for the proper golf ball, then it is difficult to go wrong.