Type of Golf Grass in Myrtle Beach


Just like many other sports, golf features a playing surface that is integral to the game. It can be argued that the playing surface in the game of golf, the golf course, is the most important playing surface in all of sport, as the golf course is integral to the scoring of the game. On North Myrtle Beach golf courses there can be many different kinds of grass. Each type of grass can affect a golfer’s game. The different types of grass give North Myrtle Beach golf courses their variety, as certain types of grass can only grow in certain kinds of weather. Three basic types of grass are Bermuda grass, bentgrass and Poa Annua grass.

Bermuda grass is the most common form of grass found on Southern golf courses, as Bermuda grass can withstand higher temperatures. As this grass favors hot and humid conditions and will likely die if the temperature dips below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Bermuda grass is limited to the southeast. Bermuda grass is often sandy and will not grow back when disconnected from the stem. Therefore, the player must replant the grass with grass seed often provided in the golf cart. On the greens, the grain of Bermuda grass (which direction the grass lays) is more important than other forms of grass when reading the green.

Bentgrass is probably the most common form of grass on golf courses today. This is due to the thickness and the mat-like quality of the grass. However, bentgrass is not ideal for areas that have a hot climate, as this climate puts a lot of stress on the grass. Bentgrass is mostly used in the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest, as these areas provide the grass with the cooler climates the grass desires.

Poa Annua grass is a grass most often used along the West Coast. Poa Annua grass is considered an invasive species in many areas of the United States. However, with the proper maintenance, Poa Annua becomes a very good grass to use for golf courses. Due to the grass’s shallow roots, it does not grow well in areas that do not receive a large amount of rain. One of the most famous courses in the world, Pebble Beach Golf Links on the California coast, features Poa Annua grass.

An extensive knowledge of these grasses can extend one’s knowledge of the game of golf.