Two Unconventional Uses for Golf Club Head Covers


Golf club head covers may be used for more than protecting your bag of expensive golf clubs from dings and nicks that might occur while playing some of the pristine Myrtle Beach golf courses. Use your head covers at the EN Golf Club driving range to improve your swing. Head covers can assist you in learning to slow your takeaway and improve your swing path before you ever set foot on a Myrtle Beach golf course.

Slow Your Takeaway

How often do you hit the ball poorly because of a quick takeaway? Try this simple method to make improvements and enjoy a better golf experience at EN Golf Club. Practice your golf swing by adding weight to the club head which encourages a more cohesive takeaway where your shoulders and arms move together. Do 15 practice swings with the head cover still on your driver and notice the difference it makes. Maneuver slowly during your practice swings and when you remove the head cover your driver will:

1. Be on a better path

2. Feel much lighter

3. Be faster on the downswing

Improve Your Swing Path

Now let’s address your swing path. Many golfers on the Myrtle Beach golf courses come from too far inside and other golfers come from too far outside when they swing. Sometimes it is difficult to decipher the faults of your swing without seeing yourself on video. And who wants to ask another golfer on a Myrtle Beach golf course to critique their swing? You swing your golf club with such speed you cannot always feel a flawed path that needs correcting. So it is essential to provide a guide for your path work.

A soft golf club head cover placed two inches outside the ball better helps you to visualize your swing path and during your swing the head cover becomes an obstacle you will consciously try to avoid. Move the soft head cover back to correct an outside-in swing on the downswing. To correct an inside-out swing move the head cover forward and avoid hitting it after impact.

While your golf club head covers serve a specific purpose, these two unconventional uses for the protective coverings have the potential to improve your golf game. Put these exercises to the test at EN Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.