Varieties of golf competiton


The most common kind of golf game that is played, among both professionals and amateurs, is stroke play. However, there are many other forms of the game that can be played on North Myrtle Beach golf courses and can be just as fun as stroke play.

The most popular variety of golf other than stroke play is match play. Although stroke play is the most popular form, many professionals and amateurs indulge in match play, either in tournaments or casually against friends. Match play pits two golfers against each other. The player with the lowest score on a hole wins the hole. If both players tie, the hole is halved. The player who wins the most holes at the end of the round is the winner. A variety of match play is the skins game, where instead of the lowest score winning the hole, the lowest score earns a skin, which is a designated amount of prize money. A halved hole results in the next hole being worth the combination of the prize money of the current hole and the halved hole(s).

Another variety of golf is stableford. Stableford is not much different from stroke play. The distinction between stableford and stroke play is the scoring system. While stroke play adds up the number of strokes for each hole, stableford assigns a point value for each score. A bogey is worth one point, a par is worth two, a birdie is worth three, and an eagle is worth four. The player with highest point total at the end of the round is declared the winner.

While many varieties of golf are similar to more popular varieties, a unique variety of golf is Bingo Bango Bongo. In this game, each hole has five points available; one (the Bingo) for the first player on the green, one (the Bingo) for the closest player to the hole after all players are on the green, and one (the Bongo) for the first player to get their ball in the hole. The lowest score on the hole earns two points. In order for this game to be properly played, the honors system must be observed, where the farthest player from the hole plays first and the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first.

Although the overwhelming majority of serious golfers on our popular North Myrtle Beach golf courses indulge in stroke play in order to measure themselves against par, these varieties on the game of golf can be a fun way to keep things from getting stale, or a way to earn a little money from your friends.