Watch the Myrtle Beach Golf Pros and Improve Your Game


Watching golf pros play golf is yet another way you can improve your game on a Myrtle Beach golf course. When the greatest golfers of all time, such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, along with young up-and-comers like Rickie Fowler, play in prestigious golf tournaments, they bring their A-game. And much can be learned from watching the pros play their best.

Watch these guys (and gals) in an international tournament and see for yourself just how incredible they actually are at the game of golf. They have amazing tempo, control and power and it is inspiring to see. At a live golf tournament you can see for yourself how smooth and controlled, yet powerful, the pros’ golf swings really are.

You can learn volumes just by watching them hit the ball. Watch the pros hit shots and try to emulate them. Watch them on television or watch them live at a golf tournament. Pay attention to how they grip the club, how they swing, what parts of their bodies move at what times. Just watch their motion. Pick up on the tempo of their swing. You can drop a couple shots off your score just by trying to look like Phil Mickelson or Adam Scott or Steve Stricker. The pros are our perfect swing models. If you look like a pro swinging at the ball, maybe you’ll come closer to hitting the ball like a pro, too!

Watching the pros play golf on television is great, but there’s nothing for the golfer quite like going out to a tournament and seeing these guys play in person. It’s a whole different experience. In person you can hear a spinning ball catch on the shaved grass of the green and then pull back as if it were on a leash.

If the golf tournament schedule brings the pros to a golf course near you or to a Myrtle Beach golf course during your beach vacation then do yourself a favor and watch the pros in person and see what all you can learn from them. And be sure to start paying special attention to the golf professionals at your favorite hometown golf course and EN Golf Club. You can always watch and learn from them, too.