Who cares about club fitting?


Although the many aspects of a player’s golf swing have a large influence on the flight path of the ball and the quality of the shot, a golfer will never be able to hit the ball consistently perfect if their golf clubs are not properly fit to their personal swing. For this reason, golf club fitting is very important to increasing the ceiling of a golfer’s ability on a North Myrtle Beach golf course. As technologies in the game become more advanced, two different methods of fitting have emerged: the in-person fitting and the adjustable golf club.

The more in-depth option in golf club fitting is to go to your local North Myrtle Beach golf store (or maybe a North Myrtle Beach golf course or driving range if they have a launch monitor) to see what kind of fitting options they offer. Golf stores such as Golfsmith and Martin’s utilize launch monitors that track every aspect of the swing and impact, such as ball speed and launch angle. Using the results of the launch monitor, the fitting personnel in the store will give the player different clubs to see what kind of clubs and settings give the player their ideal launch angle, spin, and ball speed, among other things. This type of fitting translates into a more consistent shot on the course as the club is tailored to the golfer using it and not anyone else. Many stores offer fitting for an upcharge with the purchase of a full-price club. Drivers are the most common subjects for fitting, but if a player wants to get the most out of their game, they would be wise to get all of their clubs fitted in this fashion.

Although in-store fittings are still the best way to obtain a more consistent shot on a North Myrtle Beach golf course, modern technologies utilized by golf club manufacturers have made it possible to adjust a player’s ball flight and loft. This is done by employing an adjustable hosel on the club that can be changed when the head is taken off the shaft using a special torque wrench. This allows the common player to adjust the settings on the hosel in order to obtain their desired ball flight. If a player is unable to figure out the best settings for them, an in-store fitter will often find the best settings for their individual swing.

Over the years, golf club manufacturers have begun making the all-important fitting process more do-it-yourself. However, in-store fitting remains the best way to obtain a consistently good performance from your clubs.